Saturday, January 8, 2011

Halfway through the day....

Hi all,
We just finished a terrific lunch catered by our own Barb H and her mom. THANKS, Darlene!!! The potatoes were huge and so tender they just melted. And the toppings?? Everything you could think of. I especially loved the marinated artichoke hearts on the salad. (Personally, I was just glad to be able to eat at all!!)

We also had our awards presentation.
Mary Karen won the Sunshine Award.
*lizzie won the Give Till It Hurts Award.
We had quite a few contest finalists and winners and four people who completed their NaNO goals.

There's been brainstorming and lots of timed writings. We just finished session #5 and the total word count was: 7529 words. The Heartlandians are flying high!!! Total for retreat so far: 28,328 words.

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  1. It sounds wonderful. Congrats to the members who give so much to all of us. MK and *lizzie, you are so deserving!