Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Seven Winds

A HWG Balloon Race Challenge

Just as in some traditions there are seven winds, so the guru issues a challenge focused on seven. Complete this challenge and help your team sail farther than you can imagine this month. And--it's easy. What could be better than that?

1. This challenge lasts 7 days--until Saturday May 12th--midnight.

2. Use the comments below to submit your participation. No other submission will be accepted. (If you have any problems posting, let the guru know)

3. Comments on other submissions are welcome and appreciated. And you never know, they might even help your flight.

4. Here's what to do:
       *Go to page 7 of your current WIP
        **Go to line 7

       **In the comments section type the next 7 lines exactly as they are written. No editing, no nothin'. Complete sentences aren't necessary. This is a WIP after all.

        ***put your name and the title at the end of your comment
Check back often for other authors' triple 7's. How lucky is that! 

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