Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A writing prompt

One way to use your 100 words a day is to explore. And something fun to explore is different genres. Perhaps you've wanted to try an historical, but don't have an idea that will carry an entire tale. Or, you want to see if you can up your writing heat level to an erotic level. Or could be a clan of shapeshifters has laid claim to part of your creative processes and wants to experience their world in a story. Maybe you've been writing sexy and you want to try inspirational. (Not that sexy can't be inspirational, mind you.) Steampunk, anyone?

So here's your challenge for today. I'm giving you some pictures. Not necessarily romantic pictures, but you can take your choice of the football we know here in the U.S.

Or the worldwide version...


Or even the more casual flag type...

 Lingerie league anyone?

And write your 100 words today in a new genre or style--using football!
**This 100 day challenge post brought to you by... football!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, football, the passion, the drive, the men, how can we resist the story.

    Thanks Lizzie for keeping us motivated to write.

    You are the best.