Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Seven Winds

A HWG Balloon Race Challenge

Just as in some traditions there are seven winds, so the guru issues a challenge focused on seven. Complete this challenge and help your team sail farther than you can imagine this month. And--it's easy. What could be better than that?

1. This challenge lasts 7 days--until Saturday May 12th--midnight.

2. Use the comments below to submit your participation. No other submission will be accepted. (If you have any problems posting, let the guru know)

3. Comments on other submissions are welcome and appreciated. And you never know, they might even help your flight.

4. Here's what to do:
       *Go to page 7 of your current WIP
        **Go to line 7

       **In the comments section type the next 7 lines exactly as they are written. No editing, no nothin'. Complete sentences aren't necessary. This is a WIP after all.

        ***put your name and the title at the end of your comment
Check back often for other authors' triple 7's. How lucky is that! 

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  1. and gaze away. In this condition, the naked man would be certain to frighten her more.

    She moaned, and he looked at her face. If she were hurt, he needed to ascertain the degree of injury and any needed treatment. Good. He’d keep his focus on what needed to be done. The horse would be here soon with his extra clothing.

    But gazing at her face did nothing to quell the heat. Long

    ~~Charity's Fire by *lizzie starr

    1. Naked men? Always a plus. *evil grin*

  2. “Did you ride a train after your parents died?” Cora asked.
    “I don’t remember. That was a long time ago for me.”
    The girl’s flaxen curls bobbed as she nodded her agreement. “A really, really long time ago.”
    Ducking her head, Jo muffled a laugh. Marshal Cain glanced up, as if noticing her for the first time. Not that she could blame him. She was hardly the sort of girl who turned heads, and

    1. thanks for being my first victim--uh--triple 7 excerpt, Sherri!

    2. Is this your second book? I must know!!

  3. breasts. Slowly, his hands glided up and cupped her firm breasts. He bent his head and tasted each dusty rose peak, loving how they firmed rock hard in his mouth. Soft moans of pleasure escaped from her lips as he suckled and tasted each tip. His hands slid down to stroke her firm thighs and swept up to touch the soft curls massed there. His searching fingers sought out the warm, damp wetness. Slowly he stroked her.
    Her head lulled back in pleasure as she straddled herself over his lap. Face to face, she breathed in the musky scent of him. As she writhed against his hardened shaft,

    1. whew--on page 7? that's a quick moving book. :)

    2. Hey, it got my attention, Barb.

  4. OOps, my bad. I forgot to add the title. It is Echoes In the Night, by b.J. Betts.

  5. “Sophie, promise me that ye won’t be taken in by that man’s looks. Ye’re too good to be farming with that one.”

    She wasn’t going to promise anything. There was something strange regarding her mothers’ remarks regarding Alex. Sure, he was a good-looking man but her mom had a strong dislike for him. She knew how to handle a man and she wasn’t a virgin that just fell off the turnip truck.

    “Good night, Mom.”

    Ranch Hand Lover - Dee Ann Williamson

    1. hmm, now that makes me wonder, Dee Ann...

  6. "All right, where are we now? Who's downtown, and where?"
    John Sinclair raised a pointer to the city map hastily pinned to the Morton Gas Service conference room wall.
    "We've got two crews -- one with the fire department and one following the evacuation team.
    They're shutting off gas as people leave.
    This is the best pipe map we can find; you can see the intersections criss-crossing under the block that's on fire."
    Roy stared at the spiderweb of gas lines. "What a mess."

    600 Feet to Hell
    Connie Crow (No, it's not a romance)

    1. Love the title, Connie! Looks like a suspense filled book!

    2. I'm with *lizzie, great title.

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  8. They drew close, and a fancily lettered iron sign caught her attention:

    Hammond Funeral Parlor
    Ben Charles Hammond, Undertaker & Stone Mason

    Undertaker? Violet’s heart hammered and, though she’d had little to eat for days, her stomach threatened upheaval.

    He’d brought her to his funeral parlor?

    Cheryl St.John
    This Side of Heaven <---mine
    or Winter of Dreams <---editor's

    1. Love this Cheryl! (And like your title better, too!)

    2. I like your title as well!

      Dee Ann W.

    3. or 'The Undertaker who Loved Me'? Nice, Cher.

  9. pass to John soon enough, and when it does, it will behoove us all to be on his good side." The sheriff stabbed his meat with a knife.
    "So you betray the king who is, to support the king who may never be?"
    "May never be?"
    Robyn batted her eyelashes and suppressed a smile at the sheriff’s reddened face.

    My Lady Outlaw by Mary DeSive

    1. Very intriguing. And I love the title of your story.

      Dee Ann

    2. Sounds like a medieval! Cool.

  10. Alix examined the appendages in question and discovered some smudges. She balanced the tray on the bed while Hope made use of the wash stand. Making a face, the girl slid back under the covers. “Now may I have my dinner?”
    The child’s pleasure in the meal assuaged Alix’s guilt over the frivolous purchase. Hope ate every bite of her pie, and part of her mother’s as well. Finally she lay back on the

    'A Most Improper Connection', Ann Stephens

  11. I’ll talk to the director of CID myself.” General Taylor picked up Chance’s resignation and paused. He stared at Chance, then opened his left top drawer and dropped the envelope inside. “We’ll discuss this again in 30 days. For now you’re on leave. Dismissed.”
    Chance opened his mouth to refuse, but the look in the General’s eyes brooked no opposition. His mind was made up and the matter would be discussed again in a month or if Chance managed to clear his name.

    Last Chance by Donna K