Saturday, March 30, 2013

Skating Spectacular Exhibition!

The crowning event of most skating competition is the exhibition. Skaters throw off the nerves of competing and often show the audience another side of their skating personality. How much fun is that?

However, with the RAH Skating Spectacular, the exhibition comes before the awards ceremony, giving each team the opportunity to earn more points toward their total score. It doesn't matter how well you've 'skated' during this event, your writing can participate in this exhibition.

And how do we do that?

It's really quite simple. Each exhibition consists of seven sentences from your current work in progress. It doesn't matter where in the work the sentences appear--but they should appear together :) No explanation of the excerpt...just post the sentences. Dialog, narrative, it doesn't matter.

Post your sentences in the comments section below using the following format...

Each exhibition will add 7 points to your team's totals.

Now, show us what you've got!!


  1. My Lady Outlaw
    by Mary DeSive
    As they approached, the voices suddenly stilled. When Will emerged from the brush ahead of her, he was greeted with a collective groan.
    "Forget something, Will? Your flowers for Lady Robyn, perhaps?" Several men laughed.
    Robyn stepped out of the brush beside him. The group fell silent again.

    1. Ah, you tease with bits and pieces of this story. :) I'm chuckling at those fellows!

  2. 600 feet to Hell
    by Connie Crow
    "Jensen's gonna try to blame me for all this--and it's all his fault".
    "Oh, sure." Evie stared out into the night. "Please take me home, Mr. Fowler."
    "Gladly, Mrs. White."
    Roy rolled down the window and tossed his cigarette butt to the ground beside the car. The ensuing flash and rumble lit up the night sky as the third explosion in four days rocked Morton.

    1. wonderful, Connie. And what an idiot! Thanks for sharing!

  3. As of yet with no name
    by *lizzie starr

    The same unlived in feeling touched an overstuffed sectional centered before a huge television.

    Grinning, Vianna traced a finger over the edge of a mottled granite counter, but it was the long island that drew her attention. Even under a faint blanket of dust, it sparkled. A crumpled rag perched on the corner of the island so she used it to swipe at the dust to expose the counter. A myriad of colors caught the light and she let out a soft “Oh”.

    “That counter is Ryder’s pride and joy. Made from recycled glass he picked up along the roads and mountain trails.”

  4. You Again (working title)
    by Victoria Alexander

    "Do not be fooled by my pleasant demeanor, Mr. Russell."

    "I haven't been thus far, Lady Hargate."

    "I think you're a beast."

    "Then perhaps we are well suited after all. I think you’re a bitch."

    "I should slap your face for that."

    "Try it."

    1. what a perfect exhibition for how I feel this evening! But now I want to know what happens next!