Sunday, October 23, 2011

Composition--Books That Is

Like so many authors I love paper, pens, and all sorts of office supplies. As evidenced by the variety of those items spread across the desk top at this moment. And no, I won't show you a picture!

But one of my favorites is the Composition Book.
In the past I've done a fair share of my writing by hand. And my favorite place to write is the lowly composition book. Sometimes when my thoughts don't seem to flow well at the computer, I'll return to handwriting. It's slower and my thought process is different. I like to write on the right hand page only. This leaves the left side for notes, ideas, additions, even the odd grocery list or two.

Don't worry, I don't waste paper! When I reach the end of the book, I turn it upside down and keep going on the now fresh right side pages. When I run into those notes made during earlier writing I skip that page, or if it's a small note, draw a circle and then I write around it. I hear you wondering what I do if I need to write out that grocery list or idea now... I'll enclose it in a doodled line and write around it.

Doodles. I'll do a lot of those too, while I'm paused in putting down words. Doodles are a great way to stimulate your mind and focus your thoughts. In school I listened better when I doodled. My 'talent' got so good while in paralegal school fellow students would give me suggestions then check to see how I used their ideas in my doodles. Did it help? I finished school with a 98, so I'd say so.

It does take a little time once a notebook is full, going back and recovering the notes and story ideas I may need later. But hey, that's a good use for another composition book!

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