Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 92--the power 100

You have control over action alone, never over its fruits.

Author Cheri LaClaire experienced the action and the fruits this week with the Mills & Boon new voices contest. She took control of the words she submitted...made them good words. Improved on them based on appropriate comments. And became the 9th most popular submission in a field of over 800! (Mega congrats on that, Cheri!)

However, she had no control over the fruity rewards of the contest and was not chosen as one of the publisher's top ten. A bummer? Of course. And a lesson for all of us. We can write our fingers off. That we can control. But, we can't control what others think of our writing.

So take control and take action. Write your words...write your books...make 'em the best possible. That's your action. Then wait. The fruit of your labors may show up on your doorstep sooner than you expect! But rest assured, there won't be a fruit salad in your future if you don't take action and do the work!

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For today's prompt--give your character a piece of fruit. Is it a favorite, or some flavor or texture they can't stand? There's lots of possibilities here!

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  1. It was a great experience writing for that contest. They also said they'd post a list of authors they'd like to hear from, even though they didn't make the contest. So, for some lucky people, winning might not be everything :)

    You gotta try or you don't know.