Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 95-the power 100

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Last Friday night--well, early Saturday morning--as I was driving home from critique there was lightning all around. And patches of rain each time I exited the west side of one of the small towns between there and here. All in all, it was a lovely drive.

Once back in Lincoln, where the streets were wet from rain, I began to notice the reflections on the pavement. Not just the long, wet streaks of streetlights and stoplights and a few oncoming cars. There were dazzling reflections from the lightning. I don't think I'd ever noticed lightning reflections on the pavement before. Or if I did, I would have thought of them as tricks of my not always the best eyesight.

how does this relate to writing...and 100 words? There are often reflections in our writing...not the actual shimmers of a repeated word or concept. Rather a deeper meaning that we might not even recognize. But a reader will. And it's that touch of magic that makes your book a place on a keeper shelf.

A lightning prompt... write about the most spectacular lightning display you've experienced. How did that time make you feel?

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