Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fay 13--Written in Stone

Along with oft mentioned Chocolate, writers have a touchy-feely love relationship with paper. In fact, at our group's Holiday party, paper was the star of the show. And not just any paper. Paper made from stone!

Kim Louise wrote about the moment in her blog here.

And not long after that moment, a number of local writers headed to Target for stone paper.

The next week at critique, Eve handed out pages taken from her stone paper notebook. And not just so we could once again ooh and ahh over the silky smooth texture. These pages are for us to write out goals for 2011.

So... our goals are...

I'd take this permanence a step further by using one of Sharpie's new liquid graphite pencils. Erasable at first the lead becomes permanent in 24 hours.  Perfect for writing your goals... in stone.

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