Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 76--the power 100

I walk by this line of mums every day to and from work. It's been fun watching each plant go from tiny little mounds of green leaves to tight buds to flowering glory.

Then I thought, those mums are like stories.

The plant itself is an entire tale, and within the growth of the mum, I can see the growth of a story.

Each story is comprised of many germs of thought, ideas that cluster together but just don't quite make a cohesive whole.  But those ideas turn into scenes, each opening like a blossom, separate, but part of the whole.

Although you can't really see it in these photos, there are some areas of dead, sometimes just a leaf of blossom or two, occasionally a whole branch has died. When we write, there's ideas, scenes, plotlines that seem at first to be a grand part of the whole. Sometimes we snip them away before they exhibit much growth, other times they die on their own. There's just not enough to keep them alive.

When a story comes together, all the little blossoms connect to make a nearly seamless whole. A complete and blooming whole. Each day more and more flowers decorated the walkway, just like each day we write adds to the fullness of our tales.

Another thought--have you had the experience where certain parts of your story are full of all the parts that make the tale great, while other scenes or chapters remain like half-blooming flowers?

Keep caring for the garden filled with your stories. Coax each bloom to full beauty. Just don't overwater!

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